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Electrical work on Redlinger Survey Vessel 

  • Shore power indicator light needs to be LED type.
  • Swap generator instrument panels regarding their locations.
  • Main engine Hot Start amp demand. Verify amps.
  • Surveyor’s 12 VDC overhead light switch.  Crew R/R. 
  • Check and verify voltage legs to switch board (Both shore pwr. and generators.
  • Heater for portside fwd.  At least replace the thermostat.
  • Led overhead lights VAC., one needs replacing.
  • Volt meters on the breaker panels, located at the helm may need to be replaced.
  • Galley water heater, check amps? I am showing a 10-amp draw.
  • Microwave check amps.
  • 208 shore power at Astoria caused some components on the boat to draw an amp demand increase. 
  • Check all battery chargers.  Possibly done by crew but may need to have the electrician check our work.
  • Replace 50-amp circuit breaker and repair wiring to same.

100488 Invoice (USACE)

SKU: 100488 Invoice